CHIDI For ZCG (June 2024)

I am excited to announce my candidacy for a position on the Zcash Community Grants Committee (ZCG). As a passionate advocate for Zcash, I believe my unique background and experiences make me an ideal candidate for this role. I bring a diverse perspective and a proven track record of expanding Zcash’s presence and adoption across the African continent.

My Journey with Zcash

Zcash Ambassador

During my time as a Zcash Ambassador, I spearheaded numerous initiatives that significantly expanded Zcash’s footprint in Africa.
Organized meetups and engagements in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda, fostering a growing community of Zcash enthusiasts and users.
Onboarded businesses that started accepting zec as a form of payment for goods in Nigeria
Facilitated educational workshops and seminars, increasing awareness and understanding of Zcash and its benefits.
Encouraged and supported African participation in the Zechub DAO, leading to more contributions and active involvement from the region.
currently a board member of the Zechub DAO
Managed the @zcashNigeria Twitter account, sharing updates, educational content, and engaging with the community to promote Zcash.
These achievements were made possible through the support of the monthly ambassador stipends, which enabled me to dedicate time and resources to these initiatives.
Africa has the potential to be at the forefront of the next wave of Zcash adoption. And i will love to see
Increased Activities and Quality Grants
Advocate for more funding and support for projects and activities in Africa that promote Zcash adoption and usage.
Ensure that grants are well-crafted and targeted to meet the unique needs of the African market, fostering innovation and practical applications of Zcash.
Addressing Accessibility Challenges
Following the recent exit of Binance and other centralized exchanges from Nigeria, accessing ZEC tokens has become increasingly difficult.
I will love to see the development and funding of solutions that make Zcash more accessible to Africans.
Promote integrations of Zcash into existing financial and technological systems across Africa.
Support the development of applications that leverage Zcash’s privacy features for everyday use cases, enhancing financial privacy and security for users.
Electing me to the Zcash Community Grants Committee will bring a dedicated and experienced advocate for African representation and engagement. My proven track record as a Zcash Ambassador, positions me to effectively contribute to the committee’s goals.
I am committed to working collaboratively with the ZCG and the broader Zcash community to drive meaningful growth and adoption of Zcash in Africa and beyond. Thank you for considering my candidacy.