ZCG Committee Election (June 2024)

We have just published a blog post announcing the opening of nominations for two seats on the Zcash Community Grants Committee .

Two committee members’ terms expire at the end of June: @Wobbzz and @GGuy

Anyone can stand for election (and existing members can stand for re-election). Prospective candidates simply need to nominate themselves by submitting a forum post (ideally five paragraphs or less) in the governance zcg-elections category , announcing their candidacy, and outlining their priorities and vision for Zcash.

The deadline for nominations is 09:00 UTC on Monday 10th June 2024.
The deadline for nominations has now passed.

The list of candidates can be found below :point_down:. Candidates have also been added to the (@ZCG_Candidates) forum group.

This week, we will reach out to the candidates to schedule a community call with the candidates. After the community call, we will open a Helios poll of the Zcash Community Advisory Panel (ZCAP) , which will run until the end of June.

The Candidates:

All prospective candidates please:

  1. Read this blog post carefully. It contains important information about the election process, the Conflict of Interest policy, and the process of becoming a ZCG Committee member (which includes undergoing KYC, and completing a conflict of interest declaration).
  2. Announce your candidacy by posting in the #governance:zcg-elections category.
  3. Reply to this topic with a link to your candidacy announcement, and we will add you to the @ZCG_Candidates group. We will add a link to each candidacy announcement in this top post, in the order the candidates announce.
  4. All candidates will receive the title “ZCG Candidate” during the duration of the campaign so forum users can easily identify users that are standing for election.

If potential candidates have any questions about the role or the election process, please post them in this topic. :point_down:

Any questions for the individual candidates should be posted in their individual candidacy topics to avoid everyone asking/answering questions in this thread.


Greetings to all!

I announce my candidacy. I hope to count on everyone’s support.

Thank you!


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Good luck to all nominees :heart:!


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i have announced my candidacy


Expanding Zcash Community Grants


very interesting

hi guys the call we had with the community and candidates is out , please check it out

if you guys have any questions for me, please do ask, i am very much availabe to provide answers.
i will also love to ask the community what kind of things you guys expect from the committee over the next year and the kind of grants and the kind of grants you love to see prioritized. please do share your thoughts