CJS CD Keys now accepting Zcash (Game Keys, Steam Keys, Xbox Live Subscriptions and game digital downloads)

We’re pleased to announce that the online game retailer CJS CD Keys is now accepting Zcash as a payment option.

We are the number one online game store for your digital gaming needs. We sell a vast selection of products across these categories:
Steam Keys
Origin Keys
Uplay Keys
Game Keys

Xbox Live Subscriptions
Xbox One Games (Digital Codes)

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You can buy them all with instant delivery using Zcash!

CJS CD Keys were established since 2009 and have sold over 1 million digital games. Spend your Zcash now and get awesome bargains to feed your gaming addiction.



Tested by buying a random key but after payment it’s not confirmed on your site. How long does it usually take?

Hello, it can take up to 1-2 hours for confirmation. Check now, maybe it’s gone through?

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finally came through thanks. But not the best game got generated so I know that was a gamble. But the value of the game I got was £0.5 and not close to £2.99 min as advertised on site was order 1050360

I paid $3 CAD and got a game worth $1.09 CAD. Have to say, not really pleased by that. The random game should at the very least be worth what I paid.

I got apartment 666 what did you get?

I got Bit Blaster XL

Nice! Good Idea.

I just bought Fallout 3.

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Sorry about that. We have dispatched a replacement key

Thank you much appreciated :grinning: will be getting a 12 month xbox live subscription from you soon

Awesome! We look forward to serving you. Please recommend CJS CD Keys to your friends!

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Hi I bought 12 month xbox live but I keep on getting an error when trying to redeem. Is there a region lock on them as the website does not state any region?

Order 1063492

Hello, the codes are for sure region free. Be sure to follow the instructions on the autokey collection page. It’s very important.

HI, I have followed but still getting an error that something went wrong. I have contacted Microsoft as well to see if they perhaps have an issue on their side will let you know

Now site has been updated with instructions but still nothing just saying something went wrong even by using the special link within autokey collection page? Not sure what is left to do

I bought pubg for steam 5 hours ago and still awaiting payment. What is going on?

I’ve got a useless 12 months xbox gold key changed region as suggested plus used their special link to claim nothing worked and now I have to wait 3 months to change my region back to my home country

I’m hoping they give me the key or give my zcash back

This should be approved by now of course - sometimes payments can take 1-2 hours to go through on particular cryptocurrencies