Zcash pool - zec.nanopool.org

You can mine ZCash with us! We’ve opened ZEC Pool. Beta-test now.
Join https://zec.nanopool.org

now i doing on it.
Can i use poloniex Zcash Deposit Address??

you can use any Zcash address to mine. It’s the address we will send ZEC
coins to.

Is the nheqminer in your google drive dl link modified to point to your pool? That file isn’t downloadable any more, so if it’s modified could you stick it in a new location?

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you gave the wrong -cd syntax on your page, it should be -cd 0 1 2 3 (no commas!)


Thank you sir, u saved me! :slight_smile:

@nanopool You left out OpenCL.dll in the download

I’m trying it. I am using sarah’s linux nheqminer instead of their github source and it’s working fine. We need more people on this pool because it only got 2 blocks in past 24 hours. I like their simple layout with simple instructions and stats on the progress. They also have an ethereum pool

Can’t get your pool running with Genoils GPU miners. Im happy with Flypool though so I will stay there.

We’ are working on supporting more miners right now. Could you tell me your
Genoil connection parameters to Flypool that works and GPU/OS versions?
Without your personal information.

genoil.exe -c eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u taddress.worker -p x

works on all pools but yours

i5 6500 / 16GB 2400Mhz Ram / 240GB SSD
Windows 10
Crimson 16.10.3

Ofcourse Im using your website stratum and port etc

How are payout percentages calculated? Since last block, my Sol/s contribution was 3x higher than my payout.

[ edit: now I see. It looks like I’ll need to mine about 2 days before the payout reflects the percent of hashes performed. ]

you can mine as described here Mining Zcash Ubuntu CPU, GPU, zcash.flypool.org — Steemit with only difference - to replace pool address:port

We’ve fixed Genoil miner support and updated the binaries and Help page.
Please, use Genoil with AMD and nheqminer with NVidia to maximize your

We’ll fix Google drive problem ASAP.

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Why the heck is there malware in your version of the nheq miner?

That is a bitcoin miner, not a mailware.
We are using a binary from nicehash github with modified connection string,
as there was no sources for 0.3 version earlier.

Sorry about that, Avast seems to think it’s malware, gave me FileRepMalware and tossed it into their chest.
False positive I guess.

Just a reminder: I urge caution with any downloads from the Internet.

I do not have the time nor resources to investigate every download posted, it is your responsibility to do so.

Not able to mine via cpu with the nhqeminer0.3a anypool , it says stubsolver and stays at 0.0 sol/s for some reason.

Anyone else with a similar issues?