CodeUpBlood with Zcash

Applicant background

Our team have the requisite knowledge and expertise necessary for this project. With a cumulative experience of over ten years in website designing and software programing with blockchain education, among us are full stack developers, blockchain advocates and web designer. See the core team and other members with their linkedin profiles

  1. Onose Oghenevwogaga; he is a tech evangelist, community manager, and blockchain advocate. The Founder of Oghenevwogaga Onose - Founder/CEO - CodeUpBlood | LinkedIn
  2. Jane Partner Frank; She is a full stack developer with knowledged in Python and UI/UX Design. Jane Partner Frank - Python Developer, UI/UX designer - Freelance | LinkedIn
  3. Ejiroghene Adeniyi; She is a tech educationist. Ejiroghene Adeniyi - Tech Educationist - KHMS Osubi | LinkedIn
  4. Alisha Oveto; She is a Website Designer. Alisha Oveto - Web Designer - WittyHub | LinkedIn
  5. Gaddiel Ighota; he is a full stack developer with knowledged in Python and Solidity. Gaddiel Ighota - Web Developer - Zoomcity digital | LinkedIn

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Statistics from World Health Organization (WHO) portal shows that over two million (2,000,000) units of blood are needed yearly in Nigeria but only less than One hundred thousand (100,000) units are donated, thus leaving about one million nine hundred thousand (1,900,000) units not supplied. At CodeUpBlood, we know how important blood is for life and we believe that every individual should be given an opportunity to stay alive, thus we are developing our online life-saving platform that connects paid and voluntary blood donors to recipients in critical need of blood, using web and blockchain technology in a safe, fast and convenient way. We are a diverse multi-disciplinary team in the health-tech field and we are community based platform that deliver to a blood order within 60 minutes.

Proposed Solution

We are working on, an online platform that connects blood donors to blood recipients in critical need for blood, and by upgrading the platform ( with smart contracts on the blockchain network in order to track the entire blood donation supply chain processes, which is from the blood donation point to transfusion stage, it will lead to much activities using Zcash. However we intend to develop this project on the Ethereum Blockchain Network with Zcash as the core crypto payment channel. This will lead to an increased value in the Zcash community as donors & recipients will use Zcash wallets for transactions. The technical dependencies are:

  1. Web Application
  2. Smart Contracts
  3. Zcash Wallets
  4. Data Parsing Service (Python)
  5. JavaScript
  6. Ethereum Blockchain
  7. Crypto and Cash (Fiat Money) Payments Executions
  8. Zcashd full node.

Solution Format

This will be done by the codeupblood developers team, and tasks will include

  1. Web and blockchain implementation
  2. Smart Contracts Developement
  3. ZEC wallets creation
  4. Zcashd full nodes

Technical approach

We are a complete team with relevant software programing and blockchain development skillsets.

  1. Designing Architecture & Workflow
  2. Study and use the Zcash documentation appropriately
  3. Developing Smart Contracts
  4. Create a Unique ID for each blood unit bag
  5. Create QR code scanner to track blood supply chain processes
  6. Dashboard & wallets for users
  7. Payment APIs,
  8. Testing & Debugging,
  9. Launch

Execution risks

Testing the project may take much time than planned, as most Nigerians are relatively new to blockchain technology and the government is yet to approve the legality of cryptocurrencies too.

Unintended Consequences

This project has the capacity of bringing several thousand of users to the zcash network and ecosystem, this is because everyman needs blood and Zcash wallets will be created by blood donors and recipients, as well as partners too.

Evaluation plan

We will share with the community the detailed report of the project feedback received immediately after launch.

Schedule and Milestones

  1. Workflow, Design & Front End = 1 month
  2. Smart Contract Development = 1 month
  3. Users Wallets Development & Implementing APIs = 1 month
  4. Debugging, Testing & Launch = 1 month.

Budget Justification

  1. Salaries for team of 5 persons per month = $40,000 USD. Thus for the entire project duration of 4 months = $160,000 USD
  2. Workstations for Project team for 4 months = $12,000 USD
  3. Project Consultation Fees = $10,000 USD
  4. Communications = $4,000 USD
  5. Project Marketing = $10,000 USD
  6. Hosting & Infrastructure = $2,005

TOTAL = $198,005 USD

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Hi @ogasky, thank you for your interest in applying for the grant proposal. I think the idea is interesting and overall positive toward your interest in building on Zcash. As an ordinary forum member, I have a few questions regarding this proposal and the project in general.

  1. I am curious, since this project is about blood donation, why does it need a payment rail? Also, is this project currently active? I saw a few numbers on your website which suggest that there have been people that are using this.
  1. Do you think this is an appropriate salary for this project, and why? Based on the info that I found from payscale, your proposed average salary of US$8000/month is more than 10 times the average salary of engineer in Lagos.
  1. Is tracking the entire supply chain viable on Ethereum? Ethereum is great for a lot of things, but it’s really an expensive chain to store supply chain data. Are you thinking of deploying your smart contract on L2?
  1. My understanding is that this is a potential users in the future, right? How do you come up with the number and why do you think that they will prefer Zcash than say, traditional payment network like cash?

Good luck!

Thank you for your questions and I will answer them in the same order as follows:

  1. In Nigeria, over 90% of blood donated are paid for, and there are a lot of paid donors as against free donor, our platform is to service the paid blood donors and the blood recipients willing to pay for blood donated for them, thus there is need for payment rail. Also, we will be working with some hospitals and blood-bank that will make payment to our platform for our services as well. It is very key to note that we launched the platform on world blood donor day (Monday 14th, June, 2021) but we had to pause the activities on it, to give room for upgrading the platform with blockchain, and we have notified our users of this new development. Thus we are going to re-launch the platform once completed.

  2. This is an appropriate salary for this kind of project cos we are scaling this project on a global level and our team of engineers that will work on this project will work remotely cos they are not based in Lagos-Nigeria.

  3. Yes with Layer 2, because the operation cost is relatively low and confirmation of transaction is faster, however our team will consider other better options if necessary.

  4. Statistics from WHO portal shows that over 2million units of blood are needed yearly in Nigeria, and only less than 100 thousand units are supplied, leaving about 1.9 million units not supplied. Thus there is a huge demand for blood in Nigeria. Our solution is innovative because there is no blood donation platform in Nigeria presently that is on a blockchain network. We are taking the lead on this, our payment channel will include crypto (Zcash), of which users of our platform will be encouraged and educated on the need for them to use Zcash for payment transactions on our platform.

I want to believe that I have answered the questions you raised. Thank you.

Also, you can take a look at this link Zcash - CodeUpBlood +.png - Google Drive to understand more about our project. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your proposal. It looks like an interesting project.

I’m not sure I understand what you need to develop that involves zcash.

The central part of your platform is the tracking of the blood supply and you intend to use Ethereum smart contracts or L2 on Ethereum.

I see you want to accept payment in zcash. For this purpose, you can use one of the several crypto payment platforms. Then, you would have access to zcash and other crypto currencies at the same time. I think the ZF can advise you on this matter.

It seems to me that your project would be better suited for a grant from the Ethereum Foundation or Consensys.


Agree that whilst the project has merit, it does not directly benefit Zcash. If the proposal is about developing a package/framework for Zcash payment in web apps, then it might have merit for @zomg consideration. Think of an npm package to quickly add zcash payment option to your web app. The first MVP that I can think of is a package that gives web developer quick address and qr code generation from viewing keys. You can then dogfood it for the project website donation page.

As it stands, this proposal not suitable for zomg funding.

Good luck with the project @ogasky

Thanks for the feedback, but however I want to state here that our team is ready to make Zcash the core of our project as suggested, thus we will look at it and come up with a new design that will benefit Zcash directly. Thank you

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Hi @ogasky

ZOMG had our bi-weekly meeting last night and we discussed your proposal.

While we understand and appreciate the humanitarian aspect of your proposal, we do not feel that it’s a good fit to spend the Zcash Communities funds on. We have decided to decline funding this grant.

Thank you for your submission and good luck with your project.