Coming soon: Zcash (“MagicBean”) 1.0.5

Folks, you can see our development process in action here:

For example, if you click on the “1.0.5” Milestone, you’ll see this:

From this page you can tell when 1.0.5 is due to be released (January 23!) and what bugfixes and improvements are going to be included in it. You can also see which patches are already written (in case you want to beta-test specific fixes), if users have been making requests or reporting bugs, etc.

One thing you can’t see from that is what’s the “summary” or “the general idea” of the release. For 1.0.5, I’m not sure what the “general idea” is. Maybe it is just “various bugfixes and usability improvements suggested by the feedback we’re getting from users”.


Thanks for the update Zooko, keep up the good work!