1.0.7 coming soon!


Ever since approximately release 1.0.4 or so (I don’t remember exactly when), we’ve been following a regular schedule of putting out a new 1.0.x stable release every three weeks. The next release — 1.0.7 — is due out Monday, March 6. Here’s the Milestone tracking this release. This will be Jay’s first turn as Release Manager. :slight_smile:

The changes in 1.0.7 include merging in improvements that upstream Bitcoin Core has made since Zcash MagicBean branched off of Bitcoin Core, plus an added security/privacy warning, plus a few more improvements.

Four of the improvements on that were originally put into the “1.0.7” Milestone were also marked “special to Zooko”. Those four are all about setting up monitoring and problem-detection systems.

None of those ones have any new comments on the issue tracker, so I assume none of them are going to get done for 1.0.7. Too bad! I’m hoping for 1.0.8. :relaxed: