Convert the mined ZEC to BTC?

Hello miners,

The ZEC value seems to be very stable for the last few months around 200 €. The stable, less volatile value has is of course positive, but to be realistic, everybody is mining for his own profit. Do keep you mined ZEC or do you convert it to BTC, as this seems to be more profitable.

Hey man, I keep all the coins I mine.
Bitcoin I just buy and store “in” a paper wallet.

I see it like this: bitcoin and altcoins are two different markets. They both have great value and potential but act diffrently (latly because of the many bitcoin hard forks)…

If someone would’ve converted all zec to bitcoin monthly they would have made a much greater profit, but “working” this way is more like gambling than investing (my point of view).

Good point.

Well, I do the gambling thing. I’m converting 50% of my mining profit to
Bitcoin and convert it back to Zcash (after some time) to increase my
profit. Still investing, but increasing my profit with gambling. :slight_smile:

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How about this strategy:
(for people who don’t think all alts are a scam)
Bitcoin leads the pack but altcoins RISE and FALL much faster than bitcoin.
So, in theory, if the market is rising it makes more sense to get you mined ZCash and trade it quickly to one or more altcoins that look promising.
And if the market is falling it’s better to buy bitcoin and wait because altcoins will fall faster and when bitcoin hits bottom one can buy more altcoins.