Zcash price markets all miners

hello guys the price of zec is falling we as miners have the supply if you want to make it jump cancle your sell orders and replace with orders to sell above $2 make the market come to us where else are they going to get zec? lets make big money not pennys


amen!! i like your thinking. any suggestions on a wallet?

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Good call. But I do not think that some of the huge miners will do that. They will keep mining pumping and dumping :frowning:

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then there idiots who will kill the coin stepping over dollars to pick up penny’s

I’m not sure They need your ZEC to buy or sell, it’s all virtual. If someone is short selling (selling without having the actual currency) and somebody buys there’s a deal. No need for real coins until at some point the short seller has to buy them back, but as long as the monertary base exists and is big enough it works.
So not selling would’nt stop the market leaving is own life.

except most of the markets arnt allowing short selling on zec yet

lol I have a new name for this coin over the next 30 days.


i swear the coin will be around for a while if it is indeed the only coin that allows completely anonymous transactions. black hats obviously prefer anonymity

not to mention if china starts messing with Bitcoin zec is the obvious alt because of the anonymous transactions

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This is true for currencies that have margin trading but not for ZEC yet. Miners control supply.

don’t tell any miners since it might make them want to buy more GPUs, but ZEC is not a coin that people are supposed to want on exchanges. The market for this coin does not want or need them on an exchange.

The funny thing is the pool admins could control the price by restricting payouts and it would result in the price going up. For example when suprnova had a currupt wallet the supply went down and demand slowly increased until all miners started to get payouts again.

you do realize that F2POOL just came online in the last day? you now have thousands and thousands more chinese mining… don’t think you can control what they sell… they control the price now, not you or i

f2pool starting minine ZCash the other day, they are the largest pool in china… no matter what the other pools do, they cant control what happens in china… and lets face the facts, china controls bitcoin - they will control ZCash also

any miner wants see ZEC price up…also in China

I think we should strive for BTC parity, for now. Let it recover above 1btc before selling more…

sure but more miners means more people selling ZCash which means price goes down.
anyway we all know the price will start out high and drop… it is an outcome of the slowstart and no premine… smart traders who want to own ZCash and are mining will sell ZCash for BTC/RMB/USD today and buy it back in 2 months for much cheaper and end up with more ZCash in total

the price is approaching non profitability within a day or 2 the mines will all switch back to other mines and the supply of zcash will level out

makes zero sense what you just said cause even when the hype is over and miners move to other valuable coins the amount of ZCash mined will stay the same and just keep on increasing. Hashpower has nothing to do with supply.

just dumping at the moment…

I just ran the numbers and each rig is only producing $10.11 a day . and withy ETH the profit per day is $13.31