Advice what to do with mined zcash?

I started mining zcash with 1 1070 at the moment but soon with more gpus and would like to hear your opinion what should I do with that or tell me what you do: keep it and wait/hope it"s price will go higher, change it with bitcoins or other, change it with Euros/dollars?
Thank you!

HODL - check my earlier posts for current price targets. been pretty accurate so far


Definitely HODL, I have been mining since december. Never sold more then 10%, and I’m happy about it.

I’ve just moved some ZEC around on exchanges to get a feeling how the trading goes down, so that when I finaly decide to sell, I don’t make any stupid mistakes.


Thank you for replies!
You advise me to keep my mined zcash because you believe that it’s price will go higher?

Yes, that’s what they tell you to do. To hold and not sell your Zcash now. Just wait a couple of months and the price is expected to go up by the end of the year.

Like the 1st of July :wink:

To be fair, what happened with Alphabay doesn’t really have anything to do with Zcash. Had whatever transpired between their admins and the law enforcement not happened, there’s every indication that ZEC would have risen.

If you are an experienced trader in fiat and have time you can be an active trader with your crypto. HODL is good if time is short but actively trading can give you better profit and a better feel of the market as a whole.


Diversify!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you Blue, yes, this is another option I had not thought for myself… If sell, sell to what? Bitcoins, real coins?

Well you can keep trading with other crypto coins and build up the value. so if you have 1 ZEC you trade through crypto and eventually trade back into ZEC. You may end up with 1.3, 2, or more even (numbers are just an example). Point is to use the currency you have and find another one you think will grow in value over a certain time. I have done this and earned more than I have mining.

I can’t tell you what to invest in. Info can differ with time. So. Time to do some heavy homework.


Thank you!
We use sites like kraken for trading?

Greetings. What wallets are you using for long store ZEC?

I use the zcashd wallet (Linux).