Core/Memory problem of MSI Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X

Hello to all miners from Turkey. I bought 2 days ago one modherboard MSI H270 Gaming M3 and two grafic cards MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X. I use them with Windows 10 64

I set one of cards to riser and powerd. I mines with EWFB’s Zcash Miner / Flypool. There were quite good sol/s values ( 490 sol/s - 550 sol/s). The rig was on during almost 4 hours. There was not any problem. I decided to set the other card at one day later. So I went to sleep because of late night. I woke up at morning and noticed that my rig is off. I powered the rig but I recognised that my grafic card’s clock values are very very low. I mean core clock is 215 Mhz, Memory clock is 400 Mhz.

I tried to change them by Afterburner but I couldn’t. The new values were not saved.

I added a video below. Please watch it. I may not explain my problem because of my poor English.

Thank you for your kindly help.

Hit the reset button on afterburner, the middle button between the checkmark and the gear. Then you can overclock it. The graphic card has to reset basically and then you can change its settings.

Thank you very much. So is it normal waving of the values on Gaming App. Forexample, why does GPU clock become suddenly 3800Mhz and then suddenly become 799 Mhz? I’m worried about failure of grafic card. Because there is no game, no video, no firmware which forces grafic card. There is only desktop. What is your oppinion?

I can’t read it but does that say CPU or GPU above the fluctuating readings?

If it is CPU then it would move up and down. but for GPU I am not sure. Maybe after you restart the GPU it will settle.

I have the same problem with my 2 MSI rigs. Verrrryy annoying. Restarts too due to some memory problem in the cards.

my EVGA rigs have 0 problems

MSI? never again

I have the AORUS Xtreme and it crashes when I try to OC it.