Help Overclocking 1080 Ti (Aorus non Xtreme)

Hey guys. So I’ve been trying to OC my Aorus 1080 Ti as much as possible while stable, and most I can pull is 740 h/s per card. Memory clock +400 and Core clock +100, whenever I put Core clock any higher, it crashes and displays 0 sol/s.

I don’t know how to compensate higher Core speeds with voltage with the MSI afterburner. Moving voltage and memory clock doesn’t seem to make a difference, only when I move the Core clock.

Anyway, this is my first rig and I’m trying to find the sweet spot here. Any help would be very appreciated!

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It just crashed. Am gonna try leaving core clock around +80 and see if it stays stable :slight_smile:

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I have the Xtreme version and yes these cards crash a lot when OC. Be gentle with the OC you can increase the TDP. That helps sometimes but of course they isn’t making it that efficient.

How much is it safe to increase TDP? Will it help avoid crashing? I’ve been trying to find the perfect preset, but it’s been hard without crashing.

It helped me with the crashing. It is really just trial and error. Try really high and lower it until it is stable at the lowest TDP possible