Correct configuration and temperature for zotac gtx 1050 ti oc?

What should be the correct configuration of core and memory clock and correct temperature of my zotac gtx1050 ti oc ( Samsung memory)?

Currently I’m getting 158-160 H/s in equihash.
Currently core clock- 1607 mhz
Memory clock- 3504 mhz
Avg temperature is 53°c & rpm of fan is 51%
Is these configs are safe or it’ll reduce the life span of gpu?

Will my gpu last for at least 1.5 year(bought it may 2017) i mine 23hrs daily

Please helppp!!!

53C Isnt very hot at all so I’d say its safe. I’m not too sure what a good OC would be but it seems like people are getting ~170 sols with these cards with no OC, correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks sir yes people do get 170 sol/s without oc.

Ok you might want to revert any OC’s you did on these cards and work up from there. It could be possible that your OC is not stabe if you have any applied. If you do not, check your risers and power connectors… I had a case where a 6 or an 8 pin connector was bad and I was getting ~50 hash on a 270x. After replacing them it instantly fixed it.