New Mining Rig(gtx 1060) OC?

Hello there~ Im new to this mining thing and just started my very first rig 8 hours ago!
First: sorry for my bad english writing but i hope you guys understand me :slight_smile:

my setup:
-Asus H81M-PLUS
-Celeron G1840
-Corsair HX750 750W
-4gb ddr3 Ram
-4x gtx 1060 Asus Rog strix OC 6gb version

I overclocked these cards with MSI Afterburner to +200MHz Memory clock. So they run at 2000MHz Core and 4100MHz Memory for now.

It seems pretty stable they stay between 50-60° with a total system Watt usage of under 500W and i get 1160 sols on Zcash(450Watt System usage) with the Nicehash Miner. Or 83,5 MH on ETH(490Watt).

Im Thinking about pushing the core clock +100 and the memory to +400 maybe? do you think its “safe” ? i tested it for a short time and the Mining rate increased considerable while the Temps stay under 60°.

Or do you maybe have any other advices for my rig?

I would be happy for every answer! :smiley:

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I think it’s good already, I got 6 gpu with 1k7 sols.

Just test stability, a lot of ppl OC the 1060 memory over 4500 mhz, and you will get the most gain from ocing the memory for mining zcash,

But 4500-4700 mhz for memory is safe, dont worry, the worst can happen is losing stability/miner crashing/etc.

Yup i see i just oc the memory to 4800 mhz and everything crashed.

Now im running +700mhz at 4600mhz and everything works fine until now. And it gave me a solid boost to 1280 sols.

Should i leave the core speed like it was out of the box? i tried to oc it +100mhz but it dont seems like it had any effect on mining

As weird it sounds, ocking the gpu core doesnt help much on boosting the hashrate on zcash miners. I have 4 gtx 1060, i just leave it at the normal boost clock, so they run at 1835(core)/4700(memory). Just using 110w each or so.

Try dropping your power load, I’m at 80% stable for a few days now with an extra 500MHz on the memory and 150MHz on the core.

It’s been reporting around 760mV. I can’t find my pass through socket power meter to measure though.

dual 1060 6gb, memory +500 → 4698, core +75 → 1936, running around ~110 watt to calculate ~630 sol/s.

first gpu doesn’t have enough air circulation, maybe need pciex riser

still finding best configuration to produce higher sol/s with less power.


What’s the case like?

I’ve found over the past 10years or so it’s always been better to direct fan airflow onto the GPUs and let it escape passively than try to suck the hot air away from it.

I am not using pc case. the first gpu got hot air from second gpu backplate, the distance between gpus only 5 cm, I think I need pciex riser, and I plan to add 2 more gpus to my motherboard

Can you mount a case fan somehow or rig up a few case fans to get some air circulating?

Thanks for all the reply´s guys it helps me alot to understand the whole thing better.

i think i should just leave the core clock alone because everytime i try to boost it a little the miner crash.
well maybe because its already the OC version :sweat_smile: im running at 2000mhz core out of the box and got my memory now to 4700mhz without issues.
The four cards drawning around 120 Watt each at this oc.

Do you guys think i could underclock the core a little? maybe to 1900. since it doesnt take much effect on mining anyway but could reduce the used watt maybe.

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Underclock it and see how it affects the rate. This is what it’s all about.

Have you got any decent thermal paste? You could always look at removing the heatsink from one of your cards and replacing the paste. See if that makes a difference. Memory temps are pretty non substantial but if you can cool the regulator circuit you might get some extra mileage out of your cards.


I am wondering how every is getting some serious hashrate with their 1060. Some report above 300sol/s

I’m running 1060 6GB not overlocked I get only 290sol/s on average.

Just x1 at the moment. Will be getting some 1080s or 1070s this week.

If anyone could shed some light on my hashrate that would be grand.

Everyone build makes me jealous and using my GPU to mine is amazing. Especially since I have stopped gaming for awhile. Mine as well use my GPU to make some money.

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I hear some people say to overclock the memory on your GPU to hit higher speeds. But I have never overlocked anything and am not very comfortable with just trying it.

Will overclocking my gpu memory really make a difference? How can I do it safely and is it really worth it?


well some days passed since i created this thread and i got some results now. my gtx 1060 running stable at:
2000mhz Core speed and
4700mhz Memory speed

and i get 310-320 sol/s from each card so yeah it makes a big difference.

uhm download the “msi afterburner” there you will see at what speed your core and memory is running and then just try to overclock the memory to 4700mhz and see what difference it makes for you :grin:
the whorst thing that can happen is that your rig freezes. then just restart it and try again with a lower overclocking.


Thanks my friend.

That helps greatly. Very excited to get home and try it out and see what happens.

GPU Fan should be enough I think to keep it cool. As it goes below 70 at 75% fan speed.

This will help a lot. Thanks again.

Will post back with my results after I try it out.


yeah sure feel free to post your results. im trying to reduce the Voltage right now so the 1060 work more efficient since the power costs are very high here.

i will share my results with you tomorow at the same time.

Heres my thing so far.

Some how only using around 230-240watts says my wattage meter

And it wants to do 300-310sol/s but it wont stay there. just jumps around from 290-300 but wont drop below 290 but i get spikes here and there of 300-310. just not often. If i bring my memory clock over +750 it crashes and restarts itself but i might be doing something wrong. Might be EWBF not being accurate I dont know.

However if I use my computer a bit. I get above 70 rejections. And some rejected shares.

but thats probably because I’m also using my PC.

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Following this as my MSI 1060 cards will be arriving in 48 hours! Can’t wait :slight_smile:
I am very keen to get these cards running as fast as they can, but with the least watts possible. Energy is pretty expensive where I am.

I really like the 1060s. For a budget card it can put out some sweet hashrate. Not sure why mine doesn’t wanna do a stable 300 sol/s or higher But I’m happy if it stays above 290.

At the wall using my computer fully and my GPU going mad. I was hitting 230-270watts.
pretty sure hydro here is like .05-0.12/kw/h.

Curious to know what miners everyone is using for their NVidia cards. I like EWBF but the pool switching for the dev drives me up the wall.

Your in for a treat rufitos. I cant wait to get my 1080 this week.