Could not connect to zcashd. Disconnected 0.9.2

OS Windows7 The wallet worked as normal. Connection through AdvOR. Version Zecwallet.FullNode.0.9.2.

Rebooted and reinstalled the wallet. Did not help

What is the problem do not understand?

I do not want to download 25 GB again

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Hi @vasilkozlovrf welcome to the forums! :grin:

I’m not sure what the issue is but I will CC this question to @adityapk00 (the ZecWallet developer)

For troubleshooting check the help documents: Troubleshooting Issues - ZecWallet Docs


You are most likely running into a zcashd issue here: zcashd assertion failure CopyPreviousWitnesses() Assertion (nd->witnessHeight == -1) || (nd->witnessHeight == indexHeight - 1) · Issue #4301 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Please look at this bug and a way to fix it:

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Deleted the wallet.dat file. The wallet has started and updated. though all old transactions and addresses are gone, but I don’t need them …

You’ll need to import your private keys at some point