Stuck at 98% Sync (Zecwallet Fullnode - Windows 10)

I hadn’t used my fullnode in a while and booted it up today. I was at 90% synced then at 98% received an errorlog stating to update to 4.2 - wish i saved that log. This is what happens in my zcashd immediatly before it crashes when i run it.

I’ve tried everything I could think of before posting this. Unfortunately, nothing has worked.

I see an ‘Assertion failed’ message on your screenshot, so you probably have to restart with ‘-reindex’ to fix that (it takes ages).

@xenzo, this problem has been fixed by PR 4690, which is part of v4.2.0, but unfortunately, the assertion failure can happen while upgrading to v4.2.0. You will need to restart with -reindex as ChiliBob suggested, or with -rescan which is faster. (You have not lost funds or anything like that.)

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