CPU or GPU / Can You Use Both?

I’m new to mining an am looking for opinions here in terms of what to mine with while considering Speed, Reliability, Profit. I have an I7 6700k and a GTX 960 Factoring in speed I assume the CPU is the way to go. My GPU seems more reliable though as I do not have a water cooler for my CPU as it would run at high temperatures and might become damaged. I’m also not sure if you can use both at once. ZCash caught the corner of my eye and I am optimistic in the long term profitability of the currency so any pointers including software would also be massively advantageous for my long term goal.

Not sure about the CPU, but I have an EVGA GTX 960 SSC. Without any tweaking I get around 160 Sol/s out of it. While not epic, I still have it mining away in addition to the 2 RX 570 I just bought. I won’t retire the 960 until I have another RX 570 (or 2).

CPU mining of zcash is always much slower than GPU mining…you can do both at once, but I’d bet that your GPU will blow your CPU out of the water (I haven’t seen a case where CPU mining was faster than GPU mining with any of the 3rd party GPU mining programs…but I guess it theoretically could happen?)

I ended up combining both and you’re completely correct its about 130% more than what an I7 6700k can do. But my I7 is not overclocked.

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