GPU or CPU Mining for start on 28.10.?


can anyone give me exact advice what is the best solution at start?

GPU or CPU ?

If GPU AMD or Nvidia?

Have anyone exact testing details from GPU Mining in Testnet?

Thank you

well apparently cpu mining is dead from the start, given huge gpu advantage from first posted results and because of low memory requirement

Anyway, generally amd is better for gpu mining

R9 290/390 if you have cheap power. RX 470/480 if you don’t

7970/280x are also killer GPUs and they are fairly cheap now but Power monsters.

My bulk reseller/miner customers (happy to refer a company that takes BTC) are focusing Radeon for Z-Cash launch and group buys, but there are serious shortages on the 6x PCI-E mobos right now. The result has been Amazon vultures. Some people are lined up weeks ahead of availability, and others are building 4-5 card rigs to get things running now.

Video cards are Radeon. Different miners are into different models, so it’s mostly been a game of What Can I Get Now. I’m not sure whether their Nvidia prototypes are Z-Cash or not. People are going to pop corks when Vega launches, but that’s so far off that it’s not even worth discussing.

AMD vs Intel CPU’s don’t seem to be a big difference, except availability of mining mobos. The RAM itself is rising in price due to market forces but SSD is getting easier again.

By dead are you referring to the 4.5x increase in speed for GPUs or the alleged 15x (or some greater multiplier for GPUs I have not seen yet :slight_smile: )

Can I use the zcash ubuntu minder or what I need for the gpu ?

I have a 40 lane, 5 x PCIe 3.0 x99 deluxe asus motherboard, with 1000W power supply. What OpenCL AMD single slot gpu would you guys use for this setup?

My customers use risers. I’m not going to tell you specific parts, because it’s faux pas at best to reveal the finer details of their private business. I’m not the guy to ask on software. A peek into forces behind the hardware is all I felt I could contribute to the conversation.

I’m here to lurk and learn for my own rigs, same as you.

Hey Earlie, I’d like to get in touch with you to discuss some hardware purchases. How can I reach you?

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I’m in wholesale, so please keep in mind that you would need a registered business/DBA and a bank account to wire. Failing that, I would be happy to refer a trusted channel partner in the community who is familiar with setting up mining projects large and small.