Z-Cash Mining 2017

Hello Folks,

Just to avoid wasting large amounts of time. I have found Zcash as one of the best CPU mineable currencies by some youtube video. Is it still worth to mine it right now in 2017?

CPU vs GPU mining

With btc ltc and other coins asic and gpu based miners are ten fold better than cpu miners, how about this one?

I have installed the default debian package but that does not display the hash rate but the network hash rate which is around 53647277Sol/sec. Somehow I doubt my machine would be doing so good, not even 1 coint earned in 6 hours.

Network traffic

Almost 20GB network traffic during this time, it seems this massively using the network. Will this decrease and is this normal?

Thank you and have a nice weekend everyone!

Can only reply on CPU mining part. At the start of zcash it was profitible to mine zcash with CPU since there were no good GPU mining software back then.

Today I would probably say it's very unprofitable mining zCash with only CPU.

CPU can't compete with GPU @ mining zCash today, sorry to say mate.

Simply put - NO. You will never be able to squeeze out a profit by CPU mining.