Create Multi-Sig Address

The Zcash Community Group is interested in creating a multi-signature address to require multiple members to sign off on any single transaction.

Is the above call appropriate to achieve this? Are there other calls that are relevant? Is there an example using this call? How do individual z-addresses interact with the multi-signature address? Is the functionality of the multi-signature address limited relative to a typical z-address?

Thank you in advance for helping us


The short story: Multisignature addresses do not support z-addresses.

Does Zcash have multi-signature transactions?

Yes, transparent addresses support multi-signature transactions but shielded addresses do not yet. You can see the difference between single-signature and multi-signature transparent addresses with their starting characters: “t1” and “t3” respectively.


We successfully created a multi-sig address and added it to our full node wallet (Zcash Address t3JbNWu81oUZFZJW7yTT8cZAF7VLHD5FyPC)

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ zcash-cli validateaddress t3JbNWu81oUZFZJW7yTT8cZAF7VLHD5FyPC
“isvalid”: true,
“address”: “t3JbNWu81oUZFZJW7yTT8cZAF7VLHD5FyPC”,
“scriptPubKey”: “a9140054ccd9ab688c8c2b4a49371281ed7812d2ff4f87”,
“ismine”: false,
“iswatchonly”: false,
“isscript”: true,
“script”: “multisig”,
“hex”: “522103742f5537d830a0ad335fdc5a98179cd65033042ae1dcb5788de1ea4dd153a4062102e579c1a3386028d1bf02fd489bb8bf71da55c52e65a83a963e564a430727efb752ae”,
“addresses”: [
“sigsrequired”: 2,
“account”: “”

How do we spend money from this new multisig address? We tried z_sendmany


Zsendmany is for sending shielded zec to multiple recipients.

You can follow this step by step example from bitcoin.

It should be very similar for zcash.

Be careful, the change output is not created for you!!

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What’s the worst that can happen?

The change goes to the miner.