Create promotional animated shorts and memes


On which chain will the NFTs be auctioned or sold?
Should we just wait for ZSAs to go live & support NFTs before undertaking such a task?

Based on my experience of interacting with people learning about cryptocurrencies, I think we are so early, that we need educational material more than memes to share the advantage of private money.


When will ZSAs go live/support NFTs? Keeping the material on the Zcash chain would be ideal, imho. That’s where the “assets” created would belong.
I’m proposing a long move, where we partner together to build value then mutually benefit from a bit of a hold. I attempt to incorporate a soft subliminal education, but am open to illustrating any aspect of Zcash, though I’ll need direction on which features to explore. I understand why a paced entry into public awareness over these next 18 months or so would be prudent. There’s no expiration date on circulation, and I’m teasing out tons of great copy to build into the culture and pull from in the future.

I’m not shopping this idea around to different companies hoping to get a bite, somewhere. I’m honestly inspired but what you guys, specifically, are doing. All of this resonates deeply with me— like it’s part a possible future I lost track of when I was a kid, and it’s a chance to be a little more aligned with my inner compass.

This is just the best idea I came up with to utilize my skill set to benefit us both. If anyone has a better idea, I would like it even more.

Let me also be clear, I’m not a business or tech person. I’m a writer and, usually, a painter. I’m not leaving out business details to be coy, I’m just sure someone else is more fit to address and exploit them for our mutual benefit than I am.
As I’m messing around drawing for Zcash, I see how much intellectual diving I really need to do to get my creativity wrapped around the tech— if that’s even fully possible. Another reason for the extended timeline. I need to make a huge attention commitment, even if the drawing and writing is easy. I don’t think art can be created with a superficial understanding. I know we are discussing this as ad work, and it will play like advertising, but that’s not really where my heart is. I like to play with the profound and complex, and seems like I followed my white rabbit muse right to your door. :blush:

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Anything the ZFND funds by law must be for the public good (if a publicly accessible NFT is a thing idk?) and (if not but still legal? not sure about this) I’m pretty sure the/any proceeds at least could not return to the ZFND but to maybe some other charitable cause?

I’ve been thinking about this hitch over the past few days, and wondered if it could go to an ECC paid internship/ scholarship fund for gifted young developers or engineers? Is that too incestuous?

Or cleaner yet, is this a proposal for ECC for a creative marketing project that would fund ZFND?

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Funding the ZFND is a pertinent subject with regards to the future of the project (yes, absolutely) when there is no blockchain funding and, for example, some of us kinda get together and do like what you describe. Theres no problem with us doing it right now either but the idea of any expectation of a monetary return of previously allocated funds contained within that same grant would be problematic.

“return of previously allocated funds contained within that same grant would be problematic.” I’m not sure what this means. I can’t tell if you are concerned that I’d expect some guaranteed payment from this venture–I don’t-- or if this venture returning profits to the fund is the problematic part.

The venture returning profits part because then its a loan. The funding is meant to aid you in executing upon whatever it is held in accord between you and the ZFND but is essentially your money and cannot actually be apart of the grant beyond that. Anything “donated back” would be of your own volition.

Gotcha. The proposal doesn’t ask for any “funding” apart from the artist’s royalty upon sale of asset. In this scenario, I would never have control over the funds because they’d be generated in “your” charity fundraiser, and at that point “you” would distribute any royalties.

I didn’t know how to propose this arrangement other than by filling out a grant form. I’m turning out some pretty good/fun work for you guys, but I have no reason to keep it. Rather than just deleting it off my cloud I thought we might first try to find a way to put it to good use for us. I’m trying to figure out if what I’m producing has value for either of us, in which case I’ll continue.

I read in the grant statement published yesterday that you were interested in fiction about privacy. What kind of media are you thinking about? With so much media tugging for attention, I’ve found the only things that get an audience are under 8 minutes and can be watched rather than read.

I recently did a short illustrated book about identity, listening to uncomfortable feelings, and reframing depression; then turned it into a cartoon (The Magnificent Fishpickle). Would something like that work for privacy? As a counseling psychologist— not practicing— I feel like there’s an unhealthy pressure for transparency and “sharing” in our culture that feeds discontent, cripples connection, and blurs authenticity— all factors positive psychologists identified as necessary for mental health.

This might be an untapped line of discourse for Z cash, and maybe why it appeals to me. Would you be willing to develop that aspect of Zcash ? What if we normalize the need for privacy from a psychological perspective? Help parents teach their kids to protect themselves and in doing so, educate the parents? I read heartbreaking accounts of sexworkers who felt like they had been banished to crypto. Doing my internship in trauma counseling at the VA, I met hundreds of Vets who would rather be homeless than live under the thumb of VA system. What if we make it clear we are precisely here to shelter all marginalized populations, including the most marginalized of all in today’s culture— the human spirit.

If this is something I could work on, how and where would you use something like this? What is the target age? And do we directly address the need for private spending? I’m just trying to input all the parameters and see what comes out creatively. Like does it look more like a Fishpickle or more like Aeon Fluxx? Or do we stick to shorts and come at it from all angles.


Hey guys,
I’ve decided to withdraw my proposal. I’d love to be an official part of the community but I recognize that others will come along that will be able to do whatever I can for you, with better technical know-how. You’re all doing a great job and if you every need anything designed, written, edited, drawn, or help with any plans to explore the mental health side of privacy as a human right, feel free to email or text me and I will help in any way I can. I wish I could’ve done more. You’re a special group. Thanks.

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I don’t sell myself short and neither should you and while my critiques were certainly not meant to discourage I do understand proposals sometimes don’t pan out but I do hope you’ll drop back by every once in a while and maybe inspiration for another or refined proposal or opportunities to collaborate might come along.

You didn’t discourage me. The white paper just brought your immediate needs into focus. If you guys ever need a creative director/community liaison/freedom advocate/illustrator/editor, keep me in mind. I’m like a Leatherman tool. :blush:


Hi @Interempty, welcome to the forum!

It looks like you have great ideas for Zcash and I think all of us appreciate that.

What you propose is still in the scope of what Zcash needs. However, I think the best course for now is to wait for platforms like and to be launched and mature. From there, you can start experimenting with contents that can be useful for Zcash.


Maybe I’ll check back on Twitter next year and see what you all are up to. Meanwhile, I’ll put all the Zcash content I’ve done on a YouTube channel and tweet it. Have fun at the conference! Thanks.

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I will close your proposal on the Grants Platform.

Please feel free to submit a proposal in the future if you have another project for consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you delete my account please? Thanks!