Public Awareness Campaign

Hello everyone, I am acting as project lead in a Zcash grant proposal (here) in which we are trying to shine a greater light on Zcash through digital and physical advertising.

Public awareness is not just beneficial to the dollar price of Zcash, but more importantly, public awareness means that more people will mine Zcash, more people will host nodes and more people will contribute to the Zcash infrastructure.

You can also see the Reddit post I have made (here). We welcome all questions.

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Hi Harry, thanks for submitting a proposal and posting here!!

Can you say a little bit more here about your experience once similar projects, and your qualifications for this project? If your partner on the project would like to share similar details too, that would be great!

Any links either of you can provide to similar work you’ve done, and evidence of how it captured public attention or shaped narratives would be really helpful too. If you don’t have anything directly comparable in your past work that’s fine, but anything you’ve done is helpful for ZOMG (and, I think, other community members here) to get a sense of how you’d execute this grant.

The tricky part about funding something like this is that it would take a very special campaign to have an impact. It’s totally doable, I think, but there’s a lot of risk of it falling short.

Thanks for getting back to me. Personally, I have been involved in e-commerce since I was 17 years old and I currently manage 2 online stores of which both rely on some form of advertising to generate 60-70% of sales. Although my experience lies in the promotion of products using advertising I feel that the skills involved are transferable to the promotion of Zcash.

When you begin an advertising campaign it’s important that you fine tune the target demographics and how the budget will be spent. I would employ split-run ad testing with 2-3 demographics to gain an understanding of which ad set we should be running and which we should not.

I am unable to provide details surrounding the exact impact my advertising and management has had on the stores under my supervision as they are owned by a private company. I will say, however, that I am confident that my partner (who I have worked with many times before) and I can successfully execute this grant with our combined skills.

I hope that this helps.

I feel that this kind of campaign is badly needed. Zcash has historically been very passive when it comes to advertising, so even when ECC is doing great inventions (and they are) nobody is talking about them.

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501C3s are eligible for free PSA’s to increase awareness about their cause. The question is ‘what are you selling?’ because, in the case of Zcash, its difficult to disambiguate (for the lay) Zcash: the money, the charts, the market flows etc. from Zcash: the work being done, the mission behind it, the need for privacy-preserving technologies in the world today and tomorrow. One is a public service and the other side of that line sounds like a conflict of interest, it’s probably doable but caution

Can your partner provide a design portfolio?

My current partner will unfortunately not be able to take part, he has informed me. This is disappointing to me but I have contacted another graphic designer who i have worked with before who has expressed interest for the project.