Created New Community Chat Rooms with ECC Slack Integrations

Hi Everyone!

As part of our goal to be more open and transparent to the community, we’ve created two new Zcash community chat rooms you might be interested in. The arborist-team room is integrated directly with the internal Slack channel ECC engineers use to discuss ongoing work on zcashd, lightwalletd, librustzcash and protocol upgrades. In addition, the wallet-team room is integrated directly with the internal Slack channel that the ECC wallet team uses to discuss ongoing work on the Zcash reference wallet. Due to some Slack/Rocket.Chat integration limitations, we couldn’t link the Slack room to the reference-wallet channel, so we have retired this channel in the community chat in favor of the more generically named wallet-team channel. Our goal is to streamline communications so ECC engineers are more likely to communicate in a public forum about the projects most important to you. Please jump into those rooms if you’re interested and let me know if you have any questions!

Edited this post on 4/9/19 to reflect the channel name change due to the team name change to Arborist.

Edited this post on 4/11 to change the name of the Arborist team channel


Are these the only new channels created/changed lately? We will need to update the landing page to reflect these channel changes:

Today I also noticed that we’re retiring the old zcashd-team channel in the community chat as a result of creating the public-arborist-team channel, but other than that, those are the only changes I know of. However, I don’t know what non-ECC community chat admins may have done so I can’t vouch for any lack of changes by non-ECC entities. I hope that’s at least somewhat helpful!

There has been feedback on how best to name these channels. As a result we’ve renamed the community chat channel to arborist-team. I’ve edited the original post to reflect that.

This is getting confusing, once all the channels have been renamed that you want to change (including the private-dev-chat) let me know and I will update the landing page.

I agree it was confusing and I apologize for the confusion. We are done making channel name changes.