Cryptoncy.Net - Real-time cryptocurrency prices and other tools

Hi, Zcash users.

We are happy to announce launch of real-time prices monitoring for all cryptocurrencies.

Aside from that we have other interesting features:

  • Information about coins, trading prices on popular exchanges
  • ICO list
  • Telegram channel with crypto trading signals and important notifications
  • Active community (questions and answers, general discussions)

What we are workin on right now:

  • Cryptocurrency portfolio (It will have a lot of amazing unique features, and hopefully in next 3 weeks we will announce it here on Zcash)
  • Smart notifications system - you will be able to get personalized notifications only about important for you events in cryptocurrency world.

We are open to any type of feedback so please tell us what features you really need and we will try to implement them!

Telegram channel: @cryptoncy_net
Twitter: @cryptoncynet