CuriousCoffee candidacy for ZCG (June 2022)

Hello Everyone I am declaring my candidacy for ZCG.

About Me: I am currently a data scientist with ten plus years of experience across finance and technology. I have a background in the natural sciences and I have dabbled in a lot of different areas including government, financial services, big tech, etc. I have a JD/MBA and I also completed the chartered financial analyst designation. I joined the crypto space as an investor in 2017 and more actively post 2020. I have become a privacy maximalist and I believe it is one of the most important topics for individuals and the world over the next decade.

What I Bring:
My strengths are using multi-dimensional thinking (using multiple mental models) to analyze situations and the world. I have the ability to learn new things quickly and conduct deep research to make informed decisions. I have thick skin and I’m comfortable taking criticism to make improvements to my thinking. Due to my background in finance, law, and science I have strong analytical skills which give me the ability to make thoughtful, practical, and reasonable decisions.

What I Like About Zcash:
Since its founding, Zcash has promoted the inalienable right to privacy. Unlike a number of other crypto projects which are more marketing heavy and less substance, Zcash has focused on improving the core technology and going about it the “right way.” Although Zcash has had its challenges they have taken a long-term oriented approach which will lead to a higher probability of success. Some of my favorite funded projects include,, and shielded assets for Defi.

Promote strong governance and decision making across ZCG. Provide thoughtful analysis and feedback to help the community grow for a sustainable future.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

You can follow me on Twitter @CCoffeeCap


Thanks for your candidacy announcement @curiouscoffee

Curious has been a regular at Twitter Spaces earlier this year and has shown great insight on Zcash & Privacy as an investment class. His wide knowledge and wisdom will be a boon to the Zcash community.


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Curious (more like badgering him with questions ranging from macro economics to effective capital diversification) & I think he would be a strong addition to the ZCG team. Curious definitely holds a high level of integrity. This is crucial to management, of capital, in funding public goods! We don’t always see eye to eye on different topics but I know I always leave the conversation worried I need to do more homework. Cheers and best of luck Curious!

Shields Up :shield:


Hiya @curiouscoffee I’m a ZCAP member, and I’m part of a lab that’s building an app on zcash, called zingo. Our aim is to provide direct and simple incentive alignment between Users and Developers and DeveloperUsers. We hope to do so in way that enables our community to synergize it’s efforts more efficiently.

If you could take a look at it, and provide us with any feedback you have, we’d really appreciate. We want to leverage all the diverse insight that this forum offers. Thanks!