DontPanicBurns for ZCG (June 2022)

Hello Zeal!

I would like to officially declare my candidacy for the ZCG. I firmly believe in the philosophy behind privacy preserving technology and I believe in its potential in public, enterprise, and b2c multiparty systems. I am glad the opportunity has arrived to stager the elections and I look forward to seeing this experiment continue with improvements to zip1014!


:zebra:: Hello Zeal, I would like your support for the MGR committee

:zebra:: DontPanicBurns candidacy for ZOMG


Party on!


Hi Dont_panic_burns,
Great presentation @
It sure looks like you have some great skill sets to bring to ZCG. One of the challenges is building a grant application tunnel connected to diverse groups, how will you fit into the current ZCG team and find new methods to build the human to human relations to increase successful quality grant applications?

I’ve known @dontpanicburns for 5+ years, including having the pleasure of hanging out in person at conferences a few times with him (including Zcon0). I have seen his work in other crypto ecosystems and I would describe his behavior as someone who is level headed, humble, and a leader. His experience in ecosystems outside of Zcash is valuable in a similar way that my experience with the Ethereum community served ZCG well when decisions came up that were cross-chain.

I 100% think that if elected Cody would do an amazing job at ZCG. Although we will likely be having more applicants be nominated in the next 2 weeks and I may also have other endorsements of people, I wanted to go ahead and say Cody would be great for the job if elected.


Totally, having leaders from other cryptocurrency projects to serve on the ZCG, bringing their lessons is a win when making calls on funding and initiatives!

I do want to point to the fact that the current ZCG group being active community members has helped us be proactive in our efforts. We meet regularly and communicate ad-hoc. I would like to extend the invite to active Zcash community members to nominate themselves if they are on the fence!


Thanks for checking out the site.

I think the ZCG has done a good job at managing the current pipeline. The process itself is understood by the applicants who are looking for funding and the feedback I have read on projects that were rejected seem to be fair. The meeting minutes and readouts have been helpful in monitoring their progress.

ZCG does not have the awareness to projects as funding streams like gitcoin do. This was an intentional choice since the funds come as a tax to the participants of the system and require strategic planning to ensure the small group is serving the goals of the community vs the community selecting projects to support.

The biggest danger to the ZCG at this point is the lack of interest in committee participation. The candidate pool this time and last were small considering the importance of the role.