🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread

Hey everyone,

I would like to present a draft plan to launch a new collection of Cypherpunk Zero NFTs on Cosmos Stargaze.



  • A snapshot of all NFT holders pre-hack was taken.
  • We ask users to sign + verify their Ethereum address. This form can be an embed on the existing Cypherpunk Zero site.
  • They are then able to enter a Stargaze address.
  • We collect all addresses & filter it against the snapshot.


  • Whitelist approved stargaze addresses are able to mint new NFT’s for a limited time. (If you held v1 rare’s, you might not mint a new rare)
  • Collection Mint opens for all Stargaze users.

Open Questions

  • Acquiring original artwork/permissions from Stranger Wolf & ECC.
  • Naming of new NFT Collection.
  • Reducing Max no. of NFTs.
  • Potential for different traits / combinations or new artwork (Comic / Zero AI etc.) to be added with reissue.
  • Cypherpunk Zero DAO moving to Cosmos.

The hope is for this to be led by anons & community members. Anyone interested help wherever possible. Members of Cypherpunk Zero DAO please comment your thoughts. There are many specifics, that’ve been omitted in the interest of brevity but we can build further in the CPZ discord server.

Important Note: The purpose of this is not to recoup anyone’s lost value from the original collection,