Decentralizing Zcash Digital

Below please find the Decentralizing Digital Task Force update #2

  • Switched from Sprout Social to Buffer for Zcash Twitter/X account management.

    • Task Force members are getting on-boarded as contributors and we will be adding some community members in the short term as contributors. Chris and I will be approvers of draft tweets for publishing for the time being.
    • Created a Twitter: Submission, Review, and Approval Process document. & We also have a Zcash Digital: Messaging and Style guide created
  • Discussed potentially sunsetting the ReadtheDocs site and moving it completely to Github or the website. (Ongoing discussion)

  • We have also created a Media Drive that we are currently building out with Zcash ecosystem digital assets that include posters, GIFs, video clips, and other media assets.

  • Discussions around CPZ have been pushed back as the Task Force decided to focus on the Zcash Twitter account 1st. More updates around the CPZ project to come though.

  • Researching ecosystem wide events calendar to go on