DeepOnion Discussion

Hi guys,

Zcash was the first cryptocurrency that I got involved in and this is the first cryptoforum I ever joined, even though I have mostly been lurking.
Now that seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s actually just over a year.

Today I find myself closely involved in multiple projects (the NVO DEX for example) and also in two different privacy coins; Zcash, ofcourse, and also DeepOnion.

I got into crypto after deciding I would challenge myself to build a miner and Zcash was the coin of choice. I have mined continuously from December last year until recently (PSU blew out) and in the first months I did nothing but optimizing and tweeking the miner, and reading and researching everything related to the Zcash project.
Needless to say, I am very fond of Zcash.

The other project I got involved in up to the point of following it on a daily basis, is Deeponion.
I stumbled upon their airdrop thread when it was just created. And because I was not commited to any other campaign, I figured I had nothing to lose by joining. That’s how I started receiving coins in their airdrops and presently I hold both of the coins.

For a while I saw Zcash as the only true and serious privacy project. But I must admit that nowadays I have a lot of regard for both coins (because off following the DO project and team behind it closely from the start), they both have different weak and strong points.

I like how Deeponion Is truly making waves troughout the community from it’s underdog position. They are now being added to Kucoin, which is another step to making it clear that they are a serious project.

I am very interested in hearing the honest opinions about DeepOnion from the people who’s views and ideas I have been following for the past year here. I know this is the Zcash fanforum, but I would please have an objective discussion here.
I would like to engage in a discussion here about the differences and similarities between both projects.

kind regards,


never heard of it, prolly a scam.

how have you never heard of Deepsonion and why would you call it a scam without knowing anything about it?
research about new coins before making yopur mind up. that is the golden rule in crypto. i am also into deeponion as i see privacy coins coming to the front of the crypto world in 2018. more and more people are wanting anonymous coins and deeponion hasthe ppotential to be at the top of the list. thats another golden rule in crypto, get in early. so to dismiss something without having any knowledge is not the right way to go if you want to make money. i would suggest that you and anyone else who wants to make good money out of crypto should go and read about deeponion and see for yourselves

been doing this 24-7-365 since 2011. i haven’t even took a single vacation during this time (i probably need to take a couple weeks off) …if this coin was something special. i would’ve already researched it long before you knew anything about it. you asked for feedback, and that’s my opinion.

but you say probably a coin and you say ifthis coin had something specail,yet you never heard of it??? how can you research a coin that you never heard of? thats makes no sense. no offence meant but maybe go and read about it. see how it’s grown and then comment

deeponion sounds-like malware you don’t want on your box. doesn’t mean you cannot make money from it. good luck!

Ahh kek you missed out… you should have said “you asked for feedback, and that’s my onion” Ha

I did read a little about it, and wow they want you to jump through a lot of hoops.
Release it, mine it, I don’t need to be a certain member on bitcointalk, and this and that, sigh

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I heard of it.
Issues I have are, its only on “ghetto” exchanges and not much liquidity.
Fine if you want to try high risk/high reward and a small amount trade but not so attractive for larger traders.
Most people seem to stick to coins that are on Bitfinex/Poloniex/Bittrex/Kraken and can be stored on a Trezor or a Nano.

They are now on Kucoin which is a start.
Larger exchanges will not list as long as the airdrops are still going because a large number of the coins is still under control of the developers.