Is anyone familiar with ZANO?

It’s referenced after Zcash in this article as “taking the notion of privacy a step further”? Thoughts from anyone at either ECC or Zcash Foundation?

Reads like a advertisement to me. I would be curious how another implementation of RingCT tech does privacy better than Zcash or even Monero who currently uses the tech.

There’s a lot of fluff in that article without much substance.

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I’m not suggesting the technology does privacy better than Zcash. I’ve been on this forum since the very beginning and I see no evidence their approach is superior to Zcash’s approach.

However, I did notice the lead ZANO developer (CryptoZoidberg) was the lead developer of CryptoNote which to your point Monero currently uses. If Monero was one of the first forks of CZ’s original CN code, then I am asking if anyone thinks ZANO may be Monero 2.0 but with a centralized dev team and newer code base. Thoughts?

If they’re an original CryptoNote/Bytecoin developer then I would steer well clear, frankly. Blowing the lid off the CryptoNote/Bytecoin scam (with the exception of Monero)

@daira thanks for the link :pray:t2:. Are all CryptoNote projects scams in your opinion?

Monero is not.

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Heard and thank you for the response.

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