Default Wallet Recovery Phrase

Hello all! I have installed zcashd and run it on testnet successfully. As I understand default wallet was created for me, but I was never presented with a “recovery seed phrase”, my question is - where can I find it - or how can I regenerate it? Otherwise, I cannot use RPC calls like z_getnewaccount - they are throwing me the following error:

“result”: null,
“error”: {
“code”: -18,
“message”: “Error: Please acknowledge that you have backed up the wallet’s emergency recovery phrase by using zcashd-wallet-tool first.”
“id”: “curltest”

Thank You in advance!

You need to either run ./zcash-wallet-tool first or pass the -walletrequirebackup=false flag if you live dangerously like that. The zcash-wallet-tool binary lives in src alongside zcashd so you execute from the same dir. Before you run it you need to set the ‘export-dir’ flag and it will check and essentially walks you through the steps.

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Thank You very much - @Autotunafish

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There is the same question posted on the Zcash Foundation discord today, was that from you as well? Just want to be sure