Emergency Recovery Phrase in Zcashd 4.7.0

“For users upgrading an existing Zcashd wallet, it is recommended that the wallet be backed up prior to upgrading to the 4.7.0 Zcashd release. In the remainder of this document, the HD seed derived from the emergency recovery phrase will be termed the wallet’s “mnemonic seed”.”

Hello everybody!

This wording bothers me. Let’s say I’m a user of ZecWallet Full Node - What should I do?

PS I am one of those who likes to ask questions when in doubt.


Thanks for asking! I’m feeling uncertain who needs to do what, and a bit embarrassed to ask. For example, what does someone just running zecwallet lite need to know? What about Trezor?


Does ZecWallet fullnode have a export wallet option? If not then you should find the wallet.dat file and make a backup copy.

If you are running a Linux zcashd fullnode the wallet.dat is in the .zcash folder.

For ZecWallet lite and Trezor, you don’t really need to do anything. But it’s always a good idea to keep a copy of your recovery phrases in a safe place.

These release notes (4.7.0) only apply to full nodes. ZecWallet and Trezor will release their own NU5 compatible client updates.


Be sure to back up the private keys. Importing a key (and a rescan) will ensure that the address balance will restore fully. Restoring a wallet with only the ‘backup’ can cause issues, it has before.


The safest thing to do if you’re on zcashd (including Zecwallet Fullnode), is to backup the wallet.dat file. The new mnemonic seed feature in zcashd is intended to make sure users only need to backup one “emergency recovery phrase” to recover any address or account generated by the wallet. If you still have balance in the old address (before mnemonic seed), you must transfer those balance to the new address if you want to make sure your money is recoverable through the mnemonic seed.

A bit confusing I know, but this is a new feature and I expect there will be some adaptation needed after NU5 for current Zcash users including with the recovery phrase in zcashd and the UA, in the hope of having a better UX, especially for those new to Zcash.


Thank you!
Previously, I had any troubles with the backup method with wallet.dat, so I no longer use this reservation method.
it that history:

Therefore I decided to move everything to a hardware wallet for the time being before the update is complete.

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