Get rid of t-addresses?

Are there future plans to get rid of t-addresses all together? I believe it would only strengthen the eco system by increasing the amount of shielded transactions on the network.

This could be a solid move in my opinion, we should eventually do away with t-addresses. Once mobile devices can run zkSNARKs then it will be the right time I think…

What do you all think?

Yes once it becomes more efficient and exchanges and merchants are upgraded to use it. It would take awhile for that to happen though. I am a little concerned that regulation might limit merchant adoption, but they could use selective disclosure to hopefully comply with it.

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Yes I believe selective disclosure is the right way to go. Simply provide a view key to whomever is asking and problem solved.

Yes, once zk-snarks become cheap enough to be constructed on mobile, I’d love to see privacy become mandatory.

I guess it could be done so that after certain block height, z->t and t->t transactions are no longer allowed.

What’s the official Zcash team stance on this?

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