Difference between Zcash and BitcoinZ (BTCZ)


On website about BitcoinZ we can read that payment api has been moved to zcash api:

That’s mean that now we can all operation with BitcoinZ do on Zcash payment API?
I installed node Zcash. I must do something additional to set this node to use BitcoinZ?

In zcash.conf file node is set:

For which node I should change it?

BTCZ is completely different & not Zcash, you’ll have to ask them. Sorry.


I guess they have pulled in changes from our codebase, where we moved our RPC documentation to that URL. This was only a documentation change on our side; there was no change to Zcash node functionality. The BitcoinZ document should be updated to state that they are referencing our documentation because their API is the same as ours, not that Zcash nodes support BitcoinZ.

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Ok, now I understand, thanks

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