New Member With A Question About Nodes

Hello Zcash community,

I am very excited to learn more about Zcash, but I am a new member so forgive me if this question is not in the correct category. I just finished updating to the latest version of winzec with the sapling upgrade. I was browsing around the internet and found the Zchain network explorer. There are blue dots scattered all over the globe representing what I am assuming are Zcash nodes? If so, how can I start my own node or am I already running a node through the winzec application on my pc? I was just wondering because it would be really neat to add my own blue little dot to the network :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes, WinZec is full node client!

Congratulations on participating in the excited decentralized network of Zcash :wink:

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If you want your own ‘little blue dot’ you have to make your node publicly accessible - which means setting up ‘port forwarding’ on your router.

I think the docs are a bit lacking in this regard, but you can follow the guides for BTC - look at the ‘Network Configuration’ section on the following page -

Important difference, Zcash uses port 8233

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Thank you for the helpful information