Discouraging to See the Coinbase 2023 Market Full Report

There is not any consideration given to Privacy as a crypto network asset sector :frowning: and the word “privacy” does not exist anywhere in the +50 page report.

This seems like a categorical failure on both their part, and our part. How are we this deep into the lifecycle, yet Coinbase which is regarded as an industry blue chip participant is not evening maintaining side notes about the importance of privacy across the spectrum of crypto use cases and assets?!


Are there any indications that Coinbase cares about or promotes transactional privacy for cryptocurrencies? Despite the listing of Zcash have they ever supported shielded transactions?

Kraken seems like better community pillar for privacy than the Coinbase. I believe their departing CEO, Jesse Powell, has been at least advocated for decentralized privacy preserving technology and his exchange supports both Zcash and Monero, * etc. Although, again, I’m unsure if shielded transactions are supported.

*Are there any other coins with adoption? Does Litecoin’s MimbleWimble have any ecosystem support?

“regulat*” has 59 hits… so that probably gives some insight for the outlook. :neutral_face:

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