Discuss privacy technology and government cooperation plan

We discussed many topics, but the key was working with governments on privacy.
(I’m not talking about the US government, but communist, G7 countries.)
(Because in the US, it has already been listed on Coinbase.)
We have to come up with a solution to this and everyone knows that privacy is hard to work with governments,
but we have to work together in government regulation.
we must have a countermeasure.
The fact that the government intervenes in individual and individual transactions may not protect privacy. You have to approach it from a technical point of view.
Has anyone thought about how privacy can work with governments?
Government hates privacy.
The reason was to protect the privacy of the sender
and receiver, so it was delisted in Korea.
This is also a problem that must be overcome for the rest of one’s life as long as privacy exists.
In order to overcome this,
I think a good institutional plan should be introduced.

Anyone with a good idea please leave an answer :point_down:

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I disagree with this statement as a means to an end. The government is expected to serve the people. And it is in the said government’s interest to protect its digital economy by providing strong privacy measures for businesses and individuals alike. ECC has taken the initiative and made moves on the regulatory and compliance front in the USA.

We can definitely work towards figuring out the best strategy to find resources in jurisdictions where ZEC is currently not tradeable.

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That’s right, Coinbase’s listing has completely passed the laws and regulations of the United States. However, privacy coins are regulated in many countries other than the United States. I would like to discuss how to be valued that is not limited to the United States
Communist countries or countries that are pessimistic about privacy won’t allow it. I thought countermeasures were necessary for this plan. If it was limited to the United States, it would reach the limit.
Have you thought about any countermeasures for this?

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It’s not easy to meet US regulations, but Zcash is perfect. I sincerely hope to be listed in many countries. :pray:

I’m not aware of the realistic options for the regulatory and compliance front in communist countries or countries that are pessimistic about privacy. One way is for the people to start demanding payments in ZEC and create a bottom-up demand to call for regulatory clarity. I do agree there need to be on-the-ground efforts for education and policy development.

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In particular, Binance and Coinbase are the key, so why are exchanges in other countries regulating it? I’m curious about it, it’s listed on Coinbase, the largest exchange in the US. :rofl:
Individuals do not have a choice but ponder on this issue

Linking PGP Crypto Breakfast series for parties interested in keeping up with the regulatory landscape & privacy initiatives.