Do not launch until an open source GPU miner is freely available for everyone

If the efficiency of GPU mining is 10 or even 100 times that of CPU, with GPU miners in the hands of only a few, then we essentially have a bad ICO instead of a fair launch.
Despite fairness concerns, which can be relative anyway, and despite the greedy vibe that this community would give off from day one, there are two more issues i can think of:

  1. It would be easy and cheap for a group of individuals that might not be so happy with the upcoming launch of zcash (btc, monero, dash whales?), to buy the gpu miner and 51% attack zcash at launch. It has happened before.
  2. Malicious fake gpu-miners will flood the forums, twitter etc. targeting wallets or pushing ransomware.

Thank you.

The launch date is not going to be delayed by trying to chase CPU or GPU mining optimizations. Right now nobody has shown that a GPU miner is even 4x as efficient at solving Equihash vs a CPU.

We will have to just wait and see how the GPU crowdfund / or possibility of the GPU developers working out a deal with Zooko pan out before jumping to any conclusions.

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Don’t worry, there will probably be GPU miners before 28 October.

Welcome to free market competition.

If you spend more money and effort, you deserve to get more coins, this is the fair.