Documentation Swag Bounty


:eyes: Have you noticed the changes to Zcash documentation? :eyes:

We’ve updated the navigation, re-organized content and created new videos to improve the Zcash onboarding process. We know there’s more work to be done so today we’re kicking off a documentation swag bounty.

We’re offering snazzy Canopy t-shirts to the first 5 people that contribute to documentation either by 1) reporting things that need to be updated, or 2) contributing new content.

When: Sept 14th-19th.

Why: We’d like more people to know about Zcash documentation and join our dev community.


:zebra: :tshirt: :heart: :tshirt: :heart: :tshirt: :heart: :zebra:


Misspelled canopy in the latest release description of ZecWallet Fullnode.


Nice catch👍

Thats the next network upgrade, pronounced KA - Pony! :horse: :laughing:

Welcome to the forums @ZecProphet


That gitlab link appears broken (but that doesn’t count :grin:)

I will relay this to @adityapk00 :slight_smile:

A small one; no punctuation on the second command.

We have fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Staged to be fixed.

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I have incorporated some of the grammar feedback from @Autotunafish here:

The changes are live already. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Add a space before the bracket on the first bullet please!

Another one on the same page, not sure if it’s an issue or just a personal preference, but when I read “(i.e. tell it to send a transaction)”, I read that as a command, it reads better to me as “(i.e. to tell it to send a transaction)”

It should probably be e.g. then (and anyways). I.e. implies a specific and you can do more with CLI than just that.

Agreed, e.g. is definitely better in this context

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@Autotunafish @covfefe made the changes now, should go live within the hour.

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@covfefe Thanks for the MR! It’s approved.

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@covfefe @Autotunafish @ZecProphet, thanks for participating. :blush:

Please email with your preferred t-shirt size/color/fit and shipping address. Pick any of the Canopy shirts on, and send over the specifics over email. Cheers!