Zcash Yearbook - nominate your friends!

From Sprout to Canopy, four years go by fast! The success of Zcash is due to the community. Help us celebrate and nominate your friends for our Zcash Yearbook.

:date: Best meetup organizer
:rofl: SNARKiest forum commenter
:fire:Most likely to shill ZEC

The week of Canopy launch we’ll share the community nominations, a photo gallery of memories as well as special programming leading up to mainnet activation.

We’re giving away Zcash backpacks to the 5 most creative superlative nominations submitted in the next 24 hours. HUZZAH!



Okay, here are my nominations. if you disagree 1v1 me irl bro.

I wanted to go with a pun for the snarkiest comment, but Gareth Davies thread on shielded adoption is just too good.

Sonya gets the meet up one for all the cat herding on the dev fund meetups.

I also wanted to add something about keeping discussion honest and alive, but couldnt think of a funny way of saying it, so they are honourable mentions:
acitiyinohio, boxalex and james preswitch.


Having read yours, now I have to rethink my answers

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These are great yall! Keep em coming!

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This is a really fun idea! Nominations submitted. :medal_sports:

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Done! Great idea !!

“Most likely to cause headaches in muggles using only mathematics”


I submitted “most community PRs”


Thanks for playing everyone.

Backpack Winners - you’ll be getting an email from me today. Here are the most creative superlative ideas:

  • Most likely to offer a blood sacrifice(s) to the Zcash gods
  • Most likely to cause headaches in muggles using only pure mathematics
  • Best zonkey
  • Most likely to use zcash to destroy stuff from space
  • All rounder
  • Community educator

The form will stay open until Canopy activation so if you didn’t get a chance to fill it out, you still have time. If you want to purchase swag, go here.


Halo Socks

Are these alpaca?

Can we get some limited edition alpaca socks please, to go with the ones I bought with BTC back in the day?

I think PETA might have something to say about zebra skin socks tho.

2021 is the 10th anniversary of the bitcoin sock empire - so there is 3 - 4 months to get something sorted. Alpaca - Bitcoin Wiki

I guess in the spirit of things I could try to convince my mum to make some. she hates knitting socks tho, and her work rate is not great - amazingly good socks tho.

they still exist. their current shop.

There are plenty of other companies that do custom alpaca socks too.

If the ECC or zfnd doesn’t want to organise it, I dont mind applying for a zfnd grant :smiley:

Its winter on the Altiplano, 3000 metres above sea level where frigid wind cuts like a knife.

A baby alpaca snuggles closer to mom & asks "Why did that man shave off my fur?? Mommy, I’m cold!!!’

“Apparently, they needed socks…”


its summer in the uk (admittedly that is still pretty cold)

A well fed and loved alpaca snuggles closer to its mum and says “That’s a really nice person who shaved off my fur, I was so hot.”

Mother replies “Yes child, it will grow back in time for winter, so they will need to do it again next year, but they will protect and feed us until then”

(btw who shears animals in winter??)

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They’re in the UK ??? Give us back our alpacas !!! :slight_smile:

So you can shave and torture them in winter!?!? no way! I have heard what happens in Altiplano!

They are our alpacas now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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why has that one been shaved so much? looks like it has mange…

Ours look a lot happier

Its the only one we have left, poor thing has to support an entire sock-knitting industry.

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So, if we were to arrange to send you another one, would you double sock production or keep it the same and only shave one half of it?

I have a feeling you will flood the market with socks. I need assurances that only one half gets shaved.

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Send us this one !


Most prescient 2020:

  • Josh Cincinatti “consider what is and isn’t being said publicly…never be afraid to question the power brokers of Zcash and hold them to task”
  • Nate Wilcox “just call the voting mechanism for what you want to get an effect on instead of it being the thing we agreed on as a community - that’s why i think fire alarms are important”

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How can I tag the Zcash Community Advisory Panel in this? @moderators can we create a group?