Does anyone got experience with this pcie riser?


I want to use this type of pcie riserüsse-Konverter-Adatper/dp/B07428NDSV/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1507907821&sr=8-3&keywords=mining+riser

does anyone has experience with those types?

I was testing that riser it is very unstable. Freezing, after restart cards with yellow triangle not working. It is crap

did you have tested anything else where you could get 2 or more GPU contacted to 1 pcie slot?

I tried Ubuntu, windows 10, I tried 4 cards very unstable, start cashing error threads, 3 card same, 2 cards last longer, 1 card in that same like 2. I tried to use minicooler with that riser I played over 2 days with that not worth it.

okay thanks for the information buddy

Try the one with 2 usb slots. They never failed for me, not even on windows.