Computer not picking up GPU from Riser

I feel this is partially the right topic. Please move it if it isn't.
To Begin.
My Main gpu is ASUS STRIX 1060
and a 750w psu.

I recently got a Riser in the mail. So I installed it and tested it. My other 1060. The fan didn't kick on (probably not hot enough) But my computer wouldn't pick it up, nor could I even mine using both my 1060s.

Thinking it was just a power issue.

I installed my 750 into my Riser.

The fan spun up and kept spinning but my computer once again would not pick it up. Let alone let me mine with it.

My Riser is powered aswell as plugged in using the sata cable.

Any reason this might be happening? Bad Riser? Not enough power? Or something I am missing? Any help would be seriously appreciated.

As this creates a new concern for me for building a full GPU mining rig.

So you have two risers since you have two GPUs? I am just confused.

No sorry. My Main gpu is on my mobo itself.

I kind of just use my desktop. Extra gpus use a Riser.

So 1 GPU (My strix) is on the mobo.
The 2nd. is using a riser.

What riser version are you using?


I got one of these (Wasn't that expensive when I got it)

You have a version 006 that is 6 pinned powered. Go to device manager and see if there is any error when the riser is plugged in

ive got same problem, ordered 18x 1060s asus strix and 17 of them are working just fine but one. the one card wont work via riser, tried switching risers, tried other pcie slots, tried on both AsROck and biostar btc motherboards but the card works only when i plug it direclty in the PCIex16 slot on motherboard so i had to make one rig with 5 cards. :frowning:

Interesting. Didn't know it mattered. I'll check it for errors when I get home. I'll re-test it.

But I think when I checked last time. I don't think I saw any errors. (but I wasn't looking specifically for my riser) But I'm usually pretty good to catch errors in device manager and I didn't see any.

Also sounds like I'm not alone on this.

I have another riser coming in...I don't know when. Hopefully that one is better.
But as I said. After this issue with my first riser. I'm kind of worried.

Is it just that card or have you tried some other card to be the 18th card?

Bad risers come and go. That's why you should order more than you need just in case

Fair point.

Any recommendations?

As this is what I'm thinking, It's just a bad Riser. Probably one of my first faulty computers parts I've ever gotten. Thakn god it's the cheapest one.

PS How can I 100% verify it's a bad riser? and not just me or power issue

its just that card, all others are working fine

try puting the new card into PCIe x16 slot on board and older one on riser it might work

That does no quite makes sense. Is that a question or a fact or an answer. If so, to who. You and I are the ones with the issues.

Your card is probably bad or that system can't handle that many GPUs I've heard is realiable. Basically find ones with good reviews

Hmm/ That will be my next option then. As I plugged in my riser. Through in my 750. And my computer doesnt even realise its their. Besides the fan spinning. Youd have no idea the GPu is on. But the riser is saying.

Basically theres not a damn thing in my computer that is saying it knows the riser is there.

Faulty? Probably.

Which ones are better? The sata powered ones or molex?

What a bummer. First riser and its already a bad one :stuck_out_tongue: guess thats what i get.