Tons of bad PCIE risers OMG!

I have been expanding and expanding my system.
I ordered 100 of the 6 pin V006 blue board risers on ebay and I kid you not half of them are no good.
I spent hours warming the foam pads on the bottom with a heat gun and resoldering what looks like the crappiest solder job in the world so many broken solder joints. However even with my 8x magnification work light I can’t tell if it’s broken on the top under the connector so hard to see. So I just solder all the joints again minus the ones under the connector on the top of the board managed to get about 20% working again. The weird thing is why do they work for about 5-10 minutes before going bad. They all post they all transfer the 12v through to the aftermarket blower fans i installed. But while mining they just give up (like a heat issue) or it will give me 10% less hashrate than good ones. I change it and walla back up. Just about pulled my hair out changing 1 after another for a week on my new 12 gpus i put in. Seemed everytime I turned around the rig was froze or restarting the miner constantly saying one was hanging. Anyone else experience this.
I just ordered another 100 of the V009s triple plug red boards in hopes of better quality. They have an LED on them but that is worthless to me. I ordered a PCIE tester I’m going to check all the connections on incoming pcie risers before installing just don’t think the mining rigs want to hear another round of cussing from me lol.

I’ve had 3 of the V009 spark a half-second second electrical fire (batch of 75). The cards were okay because I turned them off immediately. Make sure to check each and every one after turning power on. The others are fine and these should be rated for the way I’m using them (within their electrical specifications).

Sata powered risers are a nono

This is a molex riser.

That’s weird, normally goes this way:

009 - 4 pin
009S - Sata
009C - 6 pin

Nope I have 6 pin s version it’s really a non organized board versions are
miss prints too

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If you get a good supplier, kindly let me know from where to buy and which version. I have the very same issue with several different risers I bought recently.

YIKESHU PCIe 006C (blue) with 6pin from Amazon (half are bad and the rest questionable) and “3.0 PCI-E Express 1x To 16x GPU Extender Riser Card Adapter Bitcoin Cable” 006C (sky blue) with molex from ebay.

I could even pay premium if I would knew a good brand :neutral_face:

Yup I bought same nearly all went bad in first 3 months I bought from 100%
satisfaction manufacturer now v008 board with certified cables. I bought a
pcie tester and usb cable tester now almost 80% of cables don’t even meet
usb 2.0 speeds

Scott Stevens


The issue that I am finding is that if you find a good vendor, they will only be as good as their supplier. There is just no guarantee that they will remain with a good supplier. I was buying 007 from MintCell off of Amazon. I had only about a 5-6% failure rate on the first two orders of about 100 risers. On my next order of 50 risers, about half were bad. Same vendor, but different manufacturer…

Are you finding that switching usb cables helps?