Dstm’s Zcash Cuda miner

Hello guys!
Want to remind to all of you, that if somebody has any problems with stability of EWBF, DSTM, BMINER, CLAYMORE, CC miners or needs some extra control over your rigs please read carefully my message below.

I want to introduce you a script, which can solve most of your problems. It is a result of half a year hard work with my beta testers. Now it is clean of any bugs and ready to be introduced for the wide mining community.

  1. [CMD]FarmWatchBot, Claymore, Bminer, Dstm, CC, Eth, CastXMR, Phoenix, Trex, Gmnr
  2. [CMD] FarmWatchBot (Autorun/Watchdog) for Ewbf, Claymore, Dstm, CCminer, Bminer, Ethminer, CastXMR, Phoenix, T-Rex, Gmnr, NB

It will definetely reduce your valuable time spent near your rigs, because this script will do all the work for you. Just start it and forget about your rigs, relax or do anything else. In case of any problem this script will restart your miner, or the rig, if necessary. It will notify you by Telegramm message about all problems and corrective actions taken. It is open source code (CMD/BAT, not an .exe or something like this), so anyone can check throug the code if needed.
Enjoy your life, let the script to monitor your rigs for you.