Dual PSU HUGE power draw

Hello, today I made a rig with 7 x 1080ti. I use 2 PSUs (1xCorsair AX1500i and 1xCorsair AX1200i). The cable I use it the thermaltake cable (http://www.thermaltake.com/Power_Supply/Accessories_/PSU_Cable/C_00002406/Dual_PSU_24Pin_Adapter_Cable/Design.htm). When I start the rig both PSUs start and they start to draw power about 700W in idle. When I start mining (EWBF miner laterst version) the draw goes to 3900W :hushed::hushed::hushed: I was shoked ! Each card consumation is 250W but the power draw is even beyond PSUs rates.
I am using Asrock BTC+ mobo. 4 GPUs are connected to PSU 1 and 2 molex to mobo + sata power on mobo and CPU and 4 raisers. On PSU 2 I have only 3 GPUs and 3 raisers.
I am pretty sure I have something wrong with settuping both PSU.
The device that shows power draw is not broken because I made couple of testing on it and it always shows right draw.
Please help me to make the power draw normal.

Do you mean 2900?

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What are you using to test the wattage? a Kilowatt?

If not i suggest you go buy one.

at 3900w you would have tripped a normal 20A breaker (120v)

3,900 Watts would trip a 30Amp breaker! A Kilowatt is only rated at 15Amp!

BTW: Harbor Freight Tools carry them pretty cheap too.

But guys thats the problem it should consume 7*250 + cpu mobo ram ~ 2000W max

Did you resolve your issue?

The point we were making was that if your numbers were correct then you would have tripped your breakers. If that is not the case then the numbers must be wrong.

My suggestion would be to make absolutely certain you did not cross the rails between the PSU’s. Each GPU pci power and riser must be powered from the same PSU, never mix. Make certain your risers have no power lines running to the mobo (no recent versions do). If you have a GPU on the mobo make certain its pci power is from the same PSU as the mobo. Also same for SSD or hard drive, same PSU as mobo.