Mining Build (Need Help)

I want to make a mining build that will have…

8x 1080 Ti SeaHawk X Cards

2x Corsair HX1200W PSU’s ( Not sure if I have enough pins though as I need 1x 6 Pin and 1x 8 Pin for each GPU


G3930 CPU

4GB Kingston HyperX RAM

32 GB USB for HDD

This should use 1823 Watts, Is it better to use 2 PSU’s I’m also from the UK so I am pretty sure we use 30A breakers for socket outlets, could I get a 2400w Server PSU that’s rated and how would I go about fitting all the pins in as I need

@root are the SeaHawks able to be controlled like the corsair 1080ti’s you mentioned.

Unless you are underclocking the power, your usage is wrong.
A 1080ti stock uses 235w-250w, 8 x 250 = 2000w, this does not factor in risers, mobo/cpu, HD

2550w is roughly going to be your usage @ stock

you have three options

a 1600w and 1300w PSU
Three 1300w PSU’s


Keep in mind that @CitricAcid is referring to usable power at the device. I feel folks often overlook the fact that the draw at the wall (which feeds into breaker loading) is just as important. Every PSU has an efficiency curve which varies with loading. You must divide your device loading by the efficiency to obtain a good estimate of draw at the wall.

Could I just get 2x 1600W PSU’s

I was planning to and 80+ Platinum supplies could keep it efficient enough shouldn’t it?

Platinum PSUs are more robust units and will be more efficient, but 92-93% efficient is tough to beat. On small loads it doesn’t usually make a difference, but with thousands of watts in play, it sometimes can.

Yes you can; however you’ll spend about 200.00 usd more than you need to

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This will work?

I am not sure if for 8 gpu rig this will count. But dont the line from the wall need to have a backup safety key of 20 amps ? Most wall plug only have 10 amps. My english isnt the best. Does anyone know what I mean?

In England we have 30A breakers for sockets on the box

Full load ratings are , to the best of my knowledge, 0.8 * breaker rating. That’s the standard in the US, anyway. So for a 20A breaker, it is generally recommended that sustained loads be maintained <= 16A (I [Amps]* V[volts] = Power [Watts]).

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Ok so 30A * 230V is 6900Watts so you’re saying that is how much an outlet should take?

Sustained loads need to be under the threshold by 20%, so he is saying:
(30*0.8)*230= 5520W, that’s the safe amount, and the maximum (but still unsafe) is 6900W.


But what if it was a double socket outlet?, Could I have 2 3000w machines in each plug

… go hit a breaker on your panel, then go to an outlet on that circuit. open it up. pull out your phone. do some googling.

My dad is an Electrician he said an outlet will take 7000W

hey, you might be able to put that load on the actual outlet (nobody tests the actual outlet), but not if you have 14awg or even 12 wire on the thing.

you should probably read up here

and then stop playing the kindergarten game “my dad will beat up your dad”
because i don’t need my dad, you do.

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My dad would fold yours like a deck chair m8, I’ll consult him anyway because he’s an electrician free of charge, cheers.

Cool, put that 7kw on your outlet. i forgot i’m no electrician but your dad is. good luck my boy!

Did I say I was going to put 7000W on 1 socket no…, I was going to use 2 3000W PSU’s on 2 plugs on the same socket (at some point not now) It won’t even use 6000W probabaly just over 5000W which is safe…