Newbie in mining ! 20k to invest!

Hello everybody , do you think investing a 20k $ in mining Zcash is a good idea or no ?
Cause I heard its profitable , anyway give me ur ideas ?
Thank’s in advance !

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if its disposable then hey why not worst case you end up mining something else but if you are expecting guaranteed profits its crazier then a stock market.

first of all the most important question i think would be, how much do you pay for electricity?

I live in the western sahahra of Morocco so electricity is not a big deal you consider it (FREE)

I didn’t understand what do you mean ?

how can your electricity be free??

You need some serious cooling there, man!

Do it.
Guaranteed profit since your power is free

will electricity still be free if you produce 300KW in 24 hours?

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Yes Just like that i have my methods

And how much the profit will be ? i’m a real noob Hahaha x)

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You gotta do research… It’s better if you learn on your own… Google is your friend

With a RX 470 you make $1/day/per card.

However everyday this profit will decrease due to difficulty going up.

So most likely you will at least get your $20000 back and can sell your hardware for profit.

If you would like some advice I would be more than happy. Just message me. I’ve been a consultant in Bitcoin and blockchain development for a few years. I will be happy to assist you in some basic principles as well as hardware architecture.

20k, I assume USD or euro?

I think it sounds crazy unless ur a usd/euro millionaire and got some change to spare for a fun project.

The first month was very profitable. I made back a good amount of money, but now its pretty slow and my estimate is it will only get slower coming months as there are no incentives for the price to go up but few will turn of the rigs once they’re active.

At the current rate the hardware downpayment is about 4 months with free electricity. next month it might have slowed down to 6 months or more who knows? Zcash could be dead before the year ends, that however is quite unlikely. Will it be the same success as bitcoin? Will even bitcoin still be alive is china puts more restrictions on it? Who knows.

Its all a gamble. place your bets! For me a 6gpu system is nothing, I’m doing it for fun. Would I have invested 20k before Zcash launched if i had the space and free electricity? Maybe. Would I do it today, nah. But get yourself a 6 gpu rig and try it out thats my suggestion, unless like i said, 20k is only pocketmoney for you then just do as you feel like bro.

No i’m not a millionaire Hahaha im only 22 years old . But im going in a re-investement plan so all my profit = more GRAPHIC CARDS , i’m thinking for RX 480 !

maybe good to not invest all your money right now because the 490 is supposed to come out very soon.