New mining software ?

Anybody can explain how they doing this: Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

751.8 kH/s average on single rig and $105070.98 per/m.

can you please stop spamming this forum?

Looks like you have an extra “1” at the end of the URL. This is the one you posted earlier:
Frustrating I know. Looks like the revolution has been taken over by the biggest miners.
Global Sols/s way up! Difficulty up.

Don’t think it’s spam. Think he’s frustrated like many of us who see our efforts subverted by massive mining operations. IMHO. (That and $6 might still get coffee…)

he opened another post already. and I answered him already. why does he open a new post? for me that is spamming. he could have post the question again in the same post.

Ah! OK. Sorry. True. He could have.

no worries! for me right now, thinking about it looks like one that wants to show us how nice he is… because I gave him an answer. prolly a Monero dude and he still not answering btw.

wow, how do they do this? A single worker earning 100k$ per month? Where was the answer to this?

I’ve posted my question in Market section by mistake and didn’t found option to delete it.

Wanna know why i didn’t answered Uche32 comment ? Simple, he answered:
“prolly multiple rigs with the same worker name”

If you heard more stupid explanation show it to me. But he’s spamming all over my thread(s). So i just skip his useless comment(s).

I personally think Strob is right, it’s proxy for farm/dev fee/another liitle pool, as it’s update info rarely with big amounts.