Easy Paper Wallet?

Hi all.

Looking to put some funds in Zcash but can’t find a paper wallet generator or an easy way to purchase Zcash from an exchange and transfer directly to a paper wallet or secure offline private key.

Does something like that exist? Thanks so much!

Hi Meep:

I have uploaded something I use to make paper wallets. Not sure if it qualifies as “easy”. But if you can use zcash-cli on a linux system, I think you may find it useful. It generates a sets of paper wallets for up to 8 addresses and displays the private key and z-address using qr-codes.

All the best.

Oops. I just discovered the forum won’t let me upload a zip file. Here is 1/2 the result (the back side of the paper wallet) in pdf:

Back.pdf (38.1 KB)

If you are interested in the software, just keep this thread alive and I can post it as a github project or something.

All the best.

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please do upload to github and post link here!

Hi radix,
I haven’t forgotten and will post soon. I wanted to test a couple of things first …