Working on creating a zcash wallet app

I’ve been mining zcash for 2 months. And have been running a node for a few weeks. I want to help zcash be better so I have decided to create a wallet . Any suggestions on how the wallet would operate or any suggestions would be noted and taken into consideration. I will have to cut my actual job hours to put towards the app so if anyone is willing to donate that would be appreciated here is an address to my Linux wallet thank you for any and all advice, donations, and suggestions

Well to make yours really top of the line in my opinion you can find a way to implement z-addresses. The wallet should be the very secure as a foundation. Of course ease of use is always a great pro.

Thank you and security is always important. No I’m not just trying to get people to send me free money. I work for everything I have, my wife calls me a workaholic I work over 50 hours a week but with that schedule I don’t have much time to create a great piece of work. Thanks again blue z addresses will definitely be a factor

I understand the working aspect. Great work doesn’t come free :sweat_smile:

110% agreed sir. “your my boy blue” as will Ferrell said

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